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Muses Upon Muses
She is The Doctor's Daughter, and her mission is clear: to live, love and follow her father's legacy before the darkness in her past leaves her hopeless and empty.

They are the siblings bonded not through the blood of their family, but through the blood spilled to create them.

She is the insane, broken and lost, dreaming of open seas and a life of freedom with the friends she has come to see as family, and the hallucinations she has come to see as friends.

Bound together by fate, they traverse time and space together or apart, each holding their own seperate goals tied together by one common dream: peace.

((Independent RP - will talk to anyone))

"I only came here because my father made me... And now I can't get out. I'm trapped under the very thing i fear the most, with no family, no friends, and no hope... I don't even know why I'm still alive..."

((Bioshock RP - Will talk to anyone but only in Rapture))



Under the cut you will find approximately 600 HQ small/medium roleplayable gifs of the amazing and stunning and perfect Kaya Scodelario. There shouldn’t be any repeats or frozen gifs but I apologize if there are, also non of these gifs are mine…

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People always tell me my cat has the most beautiful eyes

That cat swallows souls

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This diagram could save someone’s life!
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Lyric has a tattoo for each person of his family, Oscar is no exception! !! He has the ship for his mom and the anchor for his dad and he’ll gladly put Oscar’s print on him uwu


"Does that mean I should start lowering my expectations for when we go on a second?" They hadn’t even started their first and he was suggesting another. Lyric wasn’t being very subtle and he couldn’t help but smirk again. It was just innocent teasing. Mostly. “     It’s fine, really. Better than selling yourself short, you know? Know me long enough and you’ll see I have the strangest talent of being able to do both at the same time.” he told him. The siren flicked his tongue over his lip and half shrugged, “Plus, I like the confidence. It’s kind of sexy.”

When. Josh gave a flustered choke, trying to pass it off as clearing his throat and flashing the siren a smile, “Oh, not at all! I can oversell myself for as many dates necessary~” The smile became a fanged grin as he chuckled at himself; his laugh fading out as he found his eyes drawn to the small tongue movement. He swallowed heavily, shaking himself out of the trance such a tiny movement put him in just in time to remember to turn the corner into the road containing aforementioned restaurant. 

"Both at the same time, you say? I’m intrigued~" he responded, glancing around the interior of the restaurant before opening the door and making the same sweeping gesture from before, "After you~"

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deceitfulx: *whispers* Lyric getting Oscar's paw print tattooed on him.

*chokes on the lamb I am currently eating* YOU BASTARD

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